Kindly Note Neotel is officially  renamed Liquid Telecom from June 26 2017.

It should  be noted that any reference to Neotel should now  be taken as Liquid Telecom with immediate effect

NPC celebrates 12 years as the South African Number Portability Company! 

On November 10 2019 NPC reached a notable milestone and celebrated its 13 year anniversary offering porting services to the South African Telecommunications commuity.

NPC Announces porting fee reduction from January 2014.

NPC are pleased to advise that from January 2014 costs per completed port will reduce by R10 per port.

In addition if porting volumes continue at the current high volumes, NPC will implement a  monthly porting volume rebate.

This will depend on trading conditions and will be at the sole discretion of NPC and is not to be considered as a right, or as an implied or explicit permanent reduction in porting fees.

This measure has been taken in an endeavour to better serve the Telecommunications industry..


If you have a porting problem please note that you should contact the Operator or Service Provider to whom you have ported in order to resolve queries.

This party is referred to as the Recipient Operator or Recipient Service Provider.

NPC Qualified Number Operators

Amatole Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd (Easttel)
Backspace Technologies (Pty) Ltd 
Broadband Innovation (Pty) Ltd
BT Communications Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd 
Business Connexion 
CMC Networks (Pty) Ltd
Cell C GNP
Centracom  (Pty) Ltd
Connect First Telecoms (Pty) Ltd
Connection Telecom (Pty) Ltd 
Converged Telecoms (Pty) Ltd.
Directel Communications (Pty) Ltd 
Dow Networks (Pty) Ltd NOW AVOXI
ECN Telecommunications
EOH Network Solutions
EXTIM (Pty)Ltd
FirstNet Technology (Pty) Ltd
Frogfoot Networks (Pty) Ltd
Hymax Talking Solutions (Pty) Ltd 
IConnectSA (Pty) Ltd
ICT Globe Management (Pty) Ltd
Internet Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Interexcel World Connection (Pty)

Jasco ICT Data Fussion (Pty) Ltd
Layer 3 Telecom (Pty) Ltd
Liquid Telecom (formerly Neotel)
Lyca Mobile SA (Pty) Ltd
Metro Fibre Networx (Pty) Ltd
MIA Telecoms (Pty) Ltd 

MITSOL (Pty) Ltd
Moklet (Pty) Ltd 
Mossnet  (Pty) Ltd
MTN Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd
My Telnet
Multisource Telecoms (Pty) Ltd (Xconnect) now RAIN GROUP HOLDINGS
MWEB Connect (Pty) Ltd
Neotel (now Liquid Telecom)

Netwide Internet (Pty) Ltd

Paw Paw Wireless (Pty) Ltd t/a Tele-Junction 
Platformity CC
Radiospoor Welkom (Pty) Ltd t/a Goldtel Solutions
Reflex Communications (Pty) Ltd 
Rose Courtz Trading CC trading as BitCo
Saicom Voice Services Pty Ltd
Singatel (Pty) Ltd
Skycall Networks (Pty) Ltd
Skyconnect Internet CC
Switch Telecom (Pty) Ltd
TelFree Communications (Pty) Ltd 
Trusc Technologies (Pty) Ltd
Virtual Card Acquiring (Pty) Ltd NOW LINKINC

Vodacom (Pty) Ltd
V-Office (Pty) Ltd   
Vox Telecom
Voys Telecom
Wireless Business Solutions [WBS] NOW RAIN NETWORKS


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