Number Portability Company (Pty) Ltd

                                                        Reg. No. 2005/040348/07 Vat Ref. No. 4830231124

Directors:    AJ Ittmann,  Z Williams,  T Phiri (Alternate),  G Blake,  ADS Hay,  A H Matthysen,  M Mokuoa (Alternate), 

                        M GroenewaldR Tayob

General Manager: CR Fagan


What is the Number Portability Company (commonly known as NPC)?
A company formed jointly by MTN, Vodacom and Cell C as a result of 2001 Amendments to the Telecommunications Act which mandated ICASA to: “prescribe measures to ensure that number portability shall be introduced in 2005.”
On 30 September 2005 Regulations were promulgated which mandated Implementation within 9 months i.e. 1 July 2006 In the event, due to the complexity of the porting process requiring extensive testing, and by agreement with ICASA, mobile number portability (MNP) was introduced on 10 November 2006.
NPC administers a Central Reference Database (CRDB) linked to the operators via a sophisticated network interface.  The CRDB is an administrative  database which used to track all porting process to effect the porting process from the intial porting request through to providing the new routing data to the operators so that necessary network routing  can be updated.
With effect From Monday April 26 2010 Geographic Number Portability (GNP) was Introduced.
NPC is  jointly owned by Cell C, MTN, Neotel (now named Liquid Telecom) ,Telkom and Vodacom since April 20 2010.
NPC offers Mobile and  GNP porting services..

Porting Statistics.

Since November 2006 to end April  2022 - 13,597,521 Mobile numbers have been successfully ported including port back and port on numbers 

Average Mobile ports per month +- 71,566

With effect from April 26 2010 to end  end April  2022   - 2,725,458 Geographic numbers have been successfully ported.

Average Geographic Ports per month +-19,193

Please note that this figure includes bulk ports done  in phase 1 of GNP from May 18 2009 but included once the system was implemented in April 2010.